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  1. EMISSIONSMINDERUNG (engl.: reduction of emissions) 2016 in Nuremberg: Poster presentation

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    The “Emissionsminderung 2016” took place in Nuremberg, Germany from 04/26 until 04/27/2016. The CVET participated as an active part in the event with a poster presentation. Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Neese presented the topic „Efficient exhaust gas treatment with a combination of VOC-concentration and micro gasturbine – Efficient use of thermal energy within exhaust gas treatment” with a short lecture and a poster.
    Different lectures, presentations and discussions took place in the scope of this event concerning these topics:
    • Technical instructions on air quality control (German: Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft” = TA Luft): the most important modifications
    • Comparison of treatments to reduce mercury
    • Emissions of methane in food production
    • The new photooxidation in exhaust air
    • Reduction of nitrogen oxide in conflict with energy efficiency and nature conservation
    • 3 ways selective catalytic reduction for biogas plants
    • Emissions of nanoparticles from plants and processes

    For this event an accompanying book was published, which may be obtained under ISBN 978-3-18-092272-0.

  2. Successful doctorate in the company management

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    We congratulate Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Neese, member of the company management, on passing his PhD exam on 10/29/2015.
    Topic of his work was “Analysis and Testing of concepts to reduce the primary energy consumption of existing paint drying systems in the field of automotive industry”. The LAVA concept is already operating successfully in several paint shops.
    Further information about his thesis is available on the Website of the institute of environmental science (IUW) of the TU Clausthal.

    Fotos: Dr.rer.nat. Sven Meyer

  3. The CVET GmbH (LLC) won first prize at the “Volksbank Innovation Award 2014”

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    On February 26th 2015 the Volksbank Innovation Award 2014 has been given for the 6th time.
    They rewarded creative ideas and sustainable concepts in the categories industry, handcraft and services.
    CVET convinced the jury with their innovative method for “load controlled volume flow adjustment (LAVA)” in the category of industry.

    The jury was especially impressed by the energy potential savings and recent implementation.

    The selection criteria was for example:

    • Concept of the project
    • Innovationshöhe
    • Level of innovation
    • Benefit for society and environment
    • Economy
  4. Forum Umwelt- und Energietechnik 2014: Industrielle Energieeinsparung hinterfragt

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    Am Freitag, den 17.10.2014 fand unter dem Titel „Industrielle Energieeinsparung hinterfragt“ bereits zum zweiten Mal das Forum Umwelt- und Energietechnik des Institutes für Umweltwissenschaften der TU Clausthal statt (Flyer(pdf-Format, 155KB)).
    Da die Veranstaltung gegenüber der Premiere stark gewachsen war, wurde diesmal die Aula Academica der TU Clausthal als Veranstaltungsort gewählt. Das Konzept dieser Lehrveranstaltung sieht vor, dass sich Studenten mit verschiedenen Themen auseinandersetzen. In diesem Jahr waren dies allgemeine Ansätze zur Energieeinsparung sowie konkrete Prozesse und Verbesserungsmaßnahmen. Die ausgearbeiteten Konzepte stellten die Studenten in der Abschlussveranstaltung vor, wobei je Themenblock zusätzlich Vertreter der Wissenschaft und aus der Industrie Vorträge beitrugen.

    Im Block „Energieeinsparung bei Trocknungsprozessen“ stellte Herr Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Neese die „Lastabhängige Volumenstromanpassung, LAVA“ vor, die dieses Thema durch praktische Industrieanwendung und konkrete Beispiele bereicherte. Abgestimmt auf die von den Studenten bearbeitete Fragestellung wurde hierbei besonders Wert darauf gelegt, die LAVA mit der Variante „Absenkung der TNV-Temperatur mit nachgeschalteten Katalysatoren“ zu vergleichen. Hierbei ist hervorzuheben, dass eine Temperaturabsenkung mit nachgeschaltetem Katalysator nur ein statisches Einsparpotential aufweist und das System sehr träge ist. Eine LAVA hingegen passt sich laufend den aktuellen Anforderungen an und kann somit ein dynamisches Einsparpotential erzielen.

    Zu der Veranstaltung ist ein Buch erschienen, das unter der ISBN 978-3-86948-367-2 bezogen werden kann.

  5. Lecture at EUROSURFAS in Barcelona

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    From 09/30 until 10/03/2014, the “Eurosurfas –The International Surface Treatment Event” took place in Barcelona. Different congresses were included in the scope of this event. For example the 8. Eurocar congress on October 1st and 2nd had the special topic “Covering every aspect related to the treatment and finishing of vehicles”. The CVET GmbH was invited by the Daimler AG to lecture about load controlled volume flow adjustment (LAVA).
    LAVA is a control unit to save energy in drying processes. It has been invented by CVET in cooperation with Crone Wärmetechnik GmbH.
    Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Neese followed the invitation and lectured on 10/02/2014 about this topic.
    His speech was well attended by representatives of a lot of leading companies in the automotive industry, paint (shop) suppliers and plant manufacturers.

  6. Indians and chiefs in the harz mountains

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    On October 15th 2013 the “Goslarsche Zeitung” issued the article “founders are chief and indian at the same time” about the CVET GmbH, one of the youngest start-ups in the economy region Goslar.

  7. Lecture at the „TÜV Nord“

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    Again, Mr. Olaf Neese was invited to lecture at the “TÜV Nord” in Hanover. This took place within the scope of a training event for the trade supervision´s administration. His lecture “Possible applications of thermal and catalytic exhaust gas cleaning systems for selected industries” was received with great interest by the participants.

  8. Running start

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    Fliegender_Start-artikel_auschnittThe CVET GmbH is glad to be presented as “Founder of the Month” in the journal “Wirtschaft” (October 2013) of the Industrie- und Handelskammer Braunschweig.

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